I have worked with Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand since 2011 in several different capacities, including working with wild parrots in Belize. For the field seasons of 2013 and 2015 I journeyed with her and her interns into the area where a collaboratory group is protecting and studying free flying macaws. I assisted them in learning how to conduct nest and health checks, and taking and processing laboratory samples for disease and genetic screening. They now regularly monitor the health of wild chicks, both those still in the nest and also temporarily in captivity awaiting release. Their dedication has served the scarlet macaw well, as well as the partner organizations with whom they work .The macaws are more fully protected, and their health maintained so that they can flourish in the wild. Where once there was no hope, there now is. By working with the Scarlet Macaw Protection Program you will not only gain experience in conservation medicine and parrot conservation, but you will also be part of meaningful work with an enthusiastic group of people where you will make a difference.