I wanted to say how awesome is Belize Wildlife & Referral clinic and its partner non-profit organization Wildlife institute, based on my experience for 30 days of working as a volunteer veterinarian with them. I have been passionate about travelling from childhood and always wanted to spend my time off as work-cation in different parts of the world. I am fortunate enough to be a veterinarian and getting chance to work with Dr.Isabelle and Justin in Belize. Both of them have been working hard for noble cause – treating wildlife and abandoned animals in Belize by partnering with several local rescue and educational groups from all over the world.

I learned a lot about wildlife medicine from Dr. Isabelle. She is truly a passionate veterinarian, working hard by educating students and public for ecosystem balance, rescuing and treating several wildlife species that are at the verge of extinction in some parts of Central America. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about common problems seen in wildlife and developing better treatment protocols to save their lives.

Justin, is a knowledge mine (Like a gold mine) and very inspiring human being that I have met in my life! His travelling adventures are so inspiring and thoughtful about life. Very passionate about doing something different that benefits society and future generations. He is genuinely interested towards teaching students and empowering them. Learned a lot about Guatemala conservation projects from him while visiting ARCAS. It is a great place for any pre-vet or veterinary students to hone their skills in wildlife medicine and conservation. Based on my experiences, I am very confident to say that it will be a wonderful experience for anyone willing to learn and do something different. I recommend and commend Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic for their dedication and compassion for saving lives of these special, intelligent and social creatures.