Greetings from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine! My name is Wendy Parker and I am a member of the UTCVM class of 2018. I have participated in the Wildlife Institute’s wildlife medicine and conservation course in the winter of 2015/2016. I was fortunate to receive 2 credit hours for this course at UT and as of next winter (winter 2016/2017), UTCVM will be offering the Wildlife Institutes course as a registered course for all UTCVM students. As an avid travel and (Obviously) someone who loves animals, I knew that I would want to spend all of free time both traveling and working with animals, so I took to the Internet searching for something that could meet my needs. I have never been afraid to try new things, and so once the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic showed up in my search results, I was hooked. I knew taking on this opportunity would mean that I would be going to be spending time with other students I had never met. This can be a little scary, but I love to meet knew people and knew this would be a great opportunity. This course was better than I could have ever imagined. Not only did I get to work with many different species, it also gave me opportunities to travel and learn both about veterinary medicine and Belize as a country. For those who may not speak any other languages, this is the perfect course for you because Belize is a country that already speaks English. I know for some of my other fellow vet students that were there, that was comforting for them knowing that. Any nervousness I had about being with 9 other girls I’ve never met was washed away that first night we spent in Belize. All the girls were wonderful people and the staff and helpers for BWRC were welcoming and kind. I never felt like an outsider, I was simply part of the team the moment I arrived! Dr. Isabelle has a great outlook on life that I think many veterinary students would benefit from experiencing and listening to. I would be more than happy to speak with anyone in regards to the trip and its authenticity. I want to thank BWRC for having me, and I hope to return soon!

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