Ever since starting vet school, I was searching for an opportunity to combine my love of travel with my passion for veterinary medicine. I found the perfect mixture with the BWRC’s unique Wildlife Medicine and Conservation Course. Dr. Isabelle and Justin are fantastic people and have created such a welcoming and supportive environment for students to learn in. The course opened my eyes to many different aspects of the profession, from meeting and treating weird and wonderful wildlife, to providing excellent care without the same resources as the clinics back home. The experience inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone, and helped me to gain confidence in facing new challenges. Outside of the clinic, we visited BWRC’s partner organizations, where we saw even more species including iguanas, howler monkeys, birds of prey, parrots, and more. I learned so much about conservation and the issues that impact wildlife around the world. I also met some incredible animals that were saved from an uncertain fate by the dedicated people caring for them. I truly believe that the work of BWRC and their partners makes this world a better place, for people and animals. I can’t wait to go back!”